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October 2, 2004



I saw 2046 today. I loved it. I'm not sure when you suckers in N. America will get to see it. I'll probably bring back a DVD from 大陸/Dalu so come by if you want to borrow it. I'm not a movie critic so I'm not going to try to "review" it for you. Some random thoughts:

  • Stylistically, the movie is very similar to 《花樣年華》/In the Mood for Love, but while that movie was very simple story-wise, this one is a lot more complicated, more like 《阿飛正傳》/Days of Being Wild. There are lots of storylines and characters.
  • Even though it's more story driven than In the Mood for Love, it's still very much a mood piece.
  • WKW himself says 2046 isn't really a sequel to Mood. But I think it's fair to think of 2046, Mood and Days as three different looks at "love" through the milieu of 1960s Hong Kong.
  • 章子怡/Zhang Ziyi is beyond gorgeous in this movie. So. Beautiful. So beautiful I want to cry.
  • 鞏俐/Gong Li looks awful. What the hell happened to her? Once upon a time she was pretty. I know she's a 老女人 now, but still... Speaking of which, 劉嘉玲/Carina Lau looks pretty bad too, but I suppose it's kind of her character. She plays the same character from Days of Being Wild, but kind of all spent and tired from all that happened previously.
  • Since I'm critiquing all the women: 王菲/Faye Wong looks good. The andriod look suits her.
  • Just like Mood, the soundtrack is beautiful.
  • While not necessary, I would recommend watching Days of Being Wild and In the Mood for Love again before seeing this one. It ties together stories from those two previous movies.

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