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January 31, 2005

Bunch of Photos from Taipei Earlier This Month

The Liao Family

I was in Taipei for two weeks beginning of the year to attend my grandma's funeral. While that is not a happy event, it did bring together my family which is spread out over three very-far-apart cities (New York, Vancouver, Shanghai) and that was a good thing. Here's a whole load of photos from those two weeks. I have decided not to put up shots from the funeral itself because while I don't think so, some may find those in bad taste (or at least depressing). Changed my mind.

Friends & Family in Taipei [ 76 photos ]

These are some of my favorite shots from the set:

Incidentally, from mid-September to mid-January, between all the trips I was taking, I actually spent three more days in Taipei then I did at home in New York. Just FYI, not that you asked.

[Update: 嘉嘉說上面那張很像《無間道》... 你說呢? 哈哈]

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